Sylk WebRTC roadmap

Mac support

Safari recently added WebRTC support in its iOS and OSX operating systems. Unfortunately, there are many situations where the software does not work because of interoperability issues. The software must be tuned to support Safari Web browser on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Mobile support

Because of limited browser support, navigating the web page using a mobile phone should offer the users the option to run or download the corresponding app from the store in order to benefit of all the features. The landing page should present the users with 3 choices:

  • Open in Web Browser
  • Open in already Installed App
  • Download app from the Store

The mobile app shall be rebuilt for both iOS and Android using latest SylkServer version as now there is a disconnect between desktop and mobile behaviour.

Media handling

Audio only conferences

While the software is designed around video conferencing there is a need to support participants that join only with audio. There may be privacy issues, or technical limitations in the platform used to join the conference. The interface must be adjusted accordingly to support this capability.

Multiple cameras support

Currently only one camera is supported. Ideally, a camera should be selected prior entering the conference. This can be done by adding a preview stage, before starting the actual call. This way the user can see its surrounding, adjust her hair. , etc... The feature is more usable for Mobile devices that typically have dual cameras, and for desktop can be seen from a perspective of privacy (chasing no camera at all).

Add/remove video

While in a call, it should be possible to change camera or promote an audio only call to a video call. This should be theoretically possible with the addition of WebRTC replace media primitive. Needs to be investigate if poissible with the current chain of dependencies as all must support this feature.

Estimated work volume

Many features are hard to estimate without actually doing them.

  • 4 calendar months timeframe
  • 3 Man Months equivalent
  • Cost 21,000 Euro