SIP/XMPP gateway application

Added by Adrian Georgescu about 12 years ago

SylkServer can now act as a transparent gateway between SIP and XMPP protocols. This functionality can be used by a SIP service provider to bridge out to XMPP domains or to receive incoming requests from XMPP domains for its local SIP users. In a similar fashion, a XMPP service provider can use the gateway to bridge out to SIP domains and handle incoming requestes from SIP domains to the XMPP users it serves.

A chat media session or a presence dialog initiated by an incoming connection on the XMPP side is translated into an outgoing request on the SIP side and the other way around. To make this possible, proper SIP or XMPP records must exists into the DNS zone for the domain that needs the gateway service.

A complete description of the gateway design and its implementation can be found here: DesignXMPP


The following gateway features have been implemented, click on their name to see a full description:


The software is now available as source code download. To use the software you also need the latest development branch of SIP SIMPLE Client SDK. You can manually build a Debian package from the sources

Live testing

SylkServer has been integrated with SIP2SIP service

Using a account, one can start a MSRP chat session to a or address or from these XMPP domain to any user. The SIP server will route the session request through the SylkServer XMPP gateway application and chat sessions can be established between the SIP users of sip2sip domain and XMPP users of and domains.

For testing Presence functionality you can use any SIP SIMPLE client or the command line tools sip-subscribe-presence, sip-subscribe-winfo and sip-publish-presence from the sipclients package


  • Public release as a Debian package
  • Jingle audio and video sessions
  • File transfers