SylkServer 2.4.0 release

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 11 years ago

Sylkserver version 2.4.0 has now been released with a major milestone, namely VoIP translation between SIP and XMPP (Jingle). Complete interoperability for multimedia sessions including Presence, Session based Chat, wide-band Audio and multi-party conferencing for all supported media is now possible using user@domain addressing for both SIP and XMPP protocols. There is no configuration needed beyond the Internet domains for which the translation should take place. Blink on the SIP side and Jitsi on the XMPP side have been used to test the calls flows involved.

The software is GPL licensed, available as a free download and provided as a service by SIP2SIP. To test you can use SIP accounts from and XMPP accounts from using the latest builds of the above mentioned clients.

Many thanks to AG Projects and NLNet foundation for funding and development and Blue Jimp team, the maker of Jitsi, for helping troubleshooting interoperability issues on the Jingle side.

Change log

  • Added VoIP translation for SIP/XMPP gateway (Jingle)
  • Added Presence to Bonjour conference rooms (XEP-0174)
  • Added support for XMPP software version (XEP-0092)
  • Added support for XMPP ping (XEP-0199)
  • Reply with service-unavailable to unsupported XMPP IQ stanzas
  • Improved XMPP service discovery support (XEP-0115)
  • Fixed a race condition related to SIP subscriptions
  • Improved description of XMPP related settings

Normative References

See SIP/XMPP Gateway documentation

Installation Instructions