SylkServer 2.3.0 release

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 11 years ago

SylkServer version 2.3.0 has been released with state-of-the-art cross-protocol SIP/XMPP multi-party conferencing capabilities. This is done by bridging MUC functionality from XMPP with MSRP-Switch functionality using SIP.

  • SIP users can create ad-hoc conference rooms using SylkServer MSRP chat and invite users from both SIP and XMPP domains
  • XMPP users can create multiparty conferences using SylkServer MUC capability and invite users from both XMPP and SIP worlds

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  • Added SIP/XMPP gateway ability to invite participants to a multiparty chat
  • Added support for XEP-0030 (service discovery)
  • Added RTP audio and MSRP chat 'echo' application
  • Added timestamp to generated PIDF documents
  • Improved logging when adding participants to a conference
  • Improved logging for the XMPP gateway application
  • Removed extended-away state handling as it no longer exists in the SDK
  • Made several improvements to XMPP stanza parsing
  • Fixed detecting MSRP Nickname collision
  • Fixed handling presence stanzas without a resource part in the from
  • Fixed translating resource IDs for presence
  • Fixed leaking session objects if session fails while joining a conference
  • Fixed mapping room URI for received REFER requests

The SIP/XMPP multi-party conferencing is documented here

Normative References

See SIP/XMPP Gateway documentation

Installation Instructions


Compatible Clients

The following clients have been successfully tested against this functionality: iChat, Jitsi, PSI, Adium (XMPP) and Blink Cocoa (SIP). Any client following same standards should be able to interoperate.

Zero Configuration

In the good tradition of 'just-works' there is nothing to configure, the functionality is made possible by just using drag in drop in the respective clients.

Live Service domain can be used as a multi-party inter-domain SIP/XMPP bridge. Just create a requested from either SIP or XMPP to .


Work is in progress for adding Jingle audio and File Transfer support.