SylkServer 2.9.0 release with ZRTP support

Added by Adrian Georgescu about 9 years ago

sylkserver (2.9.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Added ZRTP and opportunistic encryption support
  • Adapt to changes in SIP SIMPLE SDK
  • Add python-lxml as a direct dependency
  • Relax XMPP - SIP URI marching
  • Accept any content type in echo application
  • Support inlined images in the conference application
  • Add setting for toggling presence activity logging (xmppgateway)
  • Refactored path handling and TLS certificate location
  • Simplify default paths for resources in /var
  • Add ability to skip the isfocus parameter when publishing a Bonjour
  • Publish echo application on Bonjour if enabled
  • Publish playback application on Bonjour if enabled
  • Change default directory for conference file transfers
  • Tag all messages sent by the room as status messages
  • Publish every Bonjour service with a different id